This is my brood

my wild, wacky, wonderful life

Hi, my name is Tiffany.  This is my life - right there in that photo.  Sashem Photography grew from a love of capturing what is unique in my own children. I would love to call myself an artist - but mostly I believe myself to be an observer and collector of memories.  

I'm tall,  I have a big voice, and I'm honest to a fault sometimes.  I find joy in the little things, like a really good latte and polka dot umbrellas.  I call a tiny town in Washington State my home, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I daydream, I wish on stars, and I believe in following your own arrow. I think perfection is an unattainable goal - and instead I focus on authenticity, connection, and capturing real moments that help showcase who you truly are as a family, a couple, or an individual.

 Doing my thing...

Doing my thing...

The kinda technical stuff... I'm a Nikon girl.  I shoot most of my portraits with either a 35mm or 85mm lens. I prefer sunlight to studio lights and do many of my shoots outdoors - but I do love putting a baby in a vintage basket, or a couple snuggled up on an antique quilt inside my Tacoma Washington studio.  I provide all of my clients with high resolution digital files - and I'm happy to provide a wardrobe and location consultation free of charge after we've booked your session!