Jen & Tim

Jen & Tim’s Awesome Autumn Wedding

Eatonville Washington

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen and Tim through one of my senior photography clients. Jen is her pseudo older sister, practically an adopted member of the family.  I couldn’t be happier to be entrusted to capture photos of this fantastic couple on their special day. One of the very best parts of my job is having the honor of developing relationships with my clients and to watch their families grow and change year after year.

Jen and Tim are both middle school teachers who have a passion for both modern and classic literature. They incorporated their love of books into their their Eatonville Washington wedding celebration and even into their vows in fun and creative ways.

There is something really cool and fresh about an Autumn wedding. Jen and Tim’s nod to their favorite holiday, Halloween, can be seen in several playful elements throughout their special day.  The handmade witches hats used as table centerpieces, the striped witches tights in various colors, and the abundant use of pumpkins all made for a whimsical and festive feeling during their October wedding.

The beautiful sage and rust color scheme was another gorgeous and welcome aspect of this amazing celebration.  Tim and his bride were definitely not ones to shy away from color and whimsy. Even though it started to sprinkle a little bit we persevered and pulled out some colorful rainbow umbrellas to capture their adorable couples portraits. Jen and Tim were so flexible and they decided to go with the flow, and not to worry about the things they couldn’t control like a few sprinkles, Nothing was going to ruin their day, especially not something like a little mist and rain. They are seriously one of the most fun couples you could ever hope to meet.

Speaking of fun -  or at least funny - this is the only wedding I’ve ever photographed where I got stung by a bee, on the butt!  Yep, that’s right folks. My plush posterior was even plumper when I disturbed a hornets nest under the front porch and one stung me right in the center of my butt cheek!

Despite a swollen rear end, and a little case of embarrassment Jen and Tim’s wedding went off without a hitch.  The worst of the rain held off for the day and other than a few sprinkles the couple and their guests stayed dry under a jumbo sized white tent, and then proceeded to dance to the night away in the family’s pool house turned dance floor.

This wedding is another perfect example of a backyard wedding done right.  Custom DIY elements and decor, beautiful seasonal florals, and a little flair mixed together with a little good luck in terms of the weather all added up to a spectacular Autumn wedding to remember.