Flashback Friday - A Retro 1970’s Session

For today’s Flashback Friday I’m super stoked to share Ruby’s vintage 1970’s styled session. Ruby provided the clothing, authentic 1970’s pieces she has lovingly curated from Ebay, Etsy, and various vintage markets. I provided the vintage 1960’s camera and a few of the fun accessories. Together, we created something super cool and retro!

Ruby’s gorgeous coloring was set off perfectly by the warm, rosy pallet she chose for her wardrobe. The leather jacket and bell bottom pants are just fun - and getting to incorporate one of my favorite vintage cameras was a big bonus!

We chose Freeway Park, located in the heart of downtown Seattle for this session. The multiple levels, open fountain, textured concrete, and urban feel were perfect for the aesthetic we were going for. We wanted to find a location that didn’t scream 2017 - instead it looks like Ruby could have stepped back in time and she really was having her photos taken in 1975. This is honestly one of my favorite locations to shoot at. It seems there’s always a cool new corner to discover, and the various levels are always eye catching.

I’m really hoping that I get the opportunity to shoot more styled session with vintage clothing from various eras. I can just see an amazing 80’s session… big hair and jelly shoes anyone?