Skylar, Jordan and Anthony

A Retro Tacoma Family Session

I just love these amazing humans! Jordan, her boyfriend Anthony, and Jordan’s crazy, sassy little girl Skylar are pretty awesome! They agreed to come play in Tacoma so I could take some updated family photos. We went for a cool toned, retro look since we used a fantastic little alley I found full of graffiti - something a little different than your typical pretty park location.

Not that I don’t love pretty park locations, but mixing it up is rather awesome if I do say so myself.

Since we chose a colorful urban location we kept Anthony, Jordan, and Skylar simply dressed in black and denim. It’s a timeless look that was perfect for this graffiti strewn city alleyway. We went for a casual, non posed lifestyle session. These sessions are typically more fun, and less stressful for families with small children. We all know that getting a toddler to stand still, smile, look at the camera, and not be a wiggly bundle of energy can be frustrating and sometimes just plain old impossible…. I’m all for capturing your little one’s unique personality in a playful, casual manner instead of a stiff formal one.

Skylars giant dimples never fail to make an appearance when she’s got that big happy smile rockin’. I’m so happy with how this family session turned out.