A 6 Month Sitter Session

Oh my goodness Teddy is a dream to photograph. He’s happy, and smiles all the time! I met his beautiful momma when I photographed her wedding years ago - we share the same name, so we instantly had something to bond over I’ve come to love this whole little family as I’ve photographed them over the years.

Today Teddy came in for a six month “sitter session” as a milestone session. I just love being able to catch up with my littlest clients while they grow and change. We gave Teddy’s session a little bit of a Valentine’s feel, and used lots of Aqua, since his little bow tie matched so perfectly.

When I first opened my Tacoma Studio I wasn’t really sure how often I would use it. I had no idea how much it would change my shooting style, my client’s experience, and my business as a whole. I can offer so many different kinds of sessions, and prop options. It’s just so much fun to have a space of my own that my clients can come and enjoy. I feel so creative in this space.

Even though we kept it pretty simple for this session i just love how it turned out. Before leaving I made sure to take a few portraits of Teddy with his Mom and Auntie!

Twyla and Tiffany have been besties since childhood, and it super special that we could get a few photos of the two of them with Baby Teddy