M & M's Ice Cream Truck Session

An Eatonville Washington Themed Mini Session

Myla and Mack’s super cute ice cream truck mini session was such a blast. I’ve had this ADORABLE little ice cream truck prop for about a year - and I’ve just been waiting for a chance to get to use it. Myla’s mamma even made her a girly little apron for the session. And who doesn’t love a cute chubby boy in a bow tie?!

Mack had his very first ice pop - and every time he ran out he would grunt and pout until we pushed it back up for him to continue to enjoy. He was totally adorable, and ridiculous! I think we may be sorry we started this! His parents may need to take out a loan to buy enough ice pops for this little stinker!

I love being able to do session in my own backyard - not literally…this park is just down the road - and one of my favorite home town locations!