Oh Crazy Daisy

My kiddo’s…. I love them…. but they don’t always let me actually take decent photos of them. They give me weird faces, they act like crazy monkey children, they don’t always want to listen… I know, it’s shocking. However I found this amazing little field of daisies, as well as this sweet little spot by a local lake that was full of water lilies. I knew I had to get my kids out there for some spring sunset photos. Now i just had to pray they cooperated.

I decided to bribe my kids - don’t judge, you know you do it, LOL! And they played nice for me for a whole hour! I can’t believe it! New photos to put on my gallery wall. Have you updated your own gallery wall lately? I love to share my favorite, super secret locations with other families!

My daughter’s lemon yellow dress and jean jacket were perfect for these locations. Even my little guy gave up a few shy smiles and let me get one or two photos before he totally lost interest. My youngest daughter, I have to admit, is much more cooperative and she actually loves having her photos taken… I can always count on her.

I love how these turned out!