Fall Family Mini Sessions

Point Defiance Park, Tacoma Washington

Autumn is my favorite time of year. November is my birthday month - yay me! The weather is cooling off, and the leaves are changing. This is also the perfect time for family photos.  Right in time for holiday gift giving and creating Christmas cards, I feel like late October and early November are the perfect months for annual family photos.  We have a really short season here in Washington when the leaves are glorious shades of gold and yellow, but the rain and wind haven’t blown them all off the trees.  So when the weather is fair - it’s time to take advantage of it!

For this year we went to Point Defiance Park in Tacoma Washington.  This is a very popular destinations for sightseers and photographers alike.  And there’s good reason - it’s gorgeous there! The fall color was in full display, and everyone looked great.  While I’m always happy to provide a wardrobe consultation, this year none of the families needed it - their wardrobe game was on point!

We got very lucky, the weather was extremely mild, and there was no rain! Mini sessions are ideal for busy families. Kids have short attention spans, and you don’t have to dedicate a full day to a long portrait session. You’ll walk away with a nice assortment of images as well  - 7-10 typically, that you can use for your Christmas cards, wall art, gifts, and on your social media accounts.

Below are just a few of my favorite images from Autumn mini sessions!

The Lenhart Family

Smallwood Park Family Session

Another family I just love to catch up with for their yearly family photo! Then Lenhart family are Eatonville locals. I’ve photographed their family, birthday, and maternity sessions. I just love getting to catch up with the kids each year, and see how much they’ve grown and changed since I saw them last.

These four little ones are spunky and have more personality in their pinky fingers than a lot of people have in their whole bodies… and the older kids sure do loooove their baby sister! Little Abby is one adored little sister!

This year we decided to brave the brisk PNW weather and meet at Smallwood Park in town. It was chilly, but sunny and the kids were good sports. We made sure to get plenty of photos with Grandma and Grandpa who were in town visiting before the holidays. I just love a good generational photo…those are the ones that are truly special later on.

The Forysiak Family

An Autumn Eatonville Family Session

Kari is one cool chick… she’s also my Lularoe Lady! And I’m not going to lie, I love myself some leggings and tunics - so she holds a special place in my life!

Kari is a boy’s mom… these rough and rowdy boys just love their momma though! They humored mom, and we all got together at Smallwood Park, a local kid’s fishing pond in Eatonville. This fast paced mini session (it was a little cold) allowed us to capture the kid’s authentic personalities - and their sweet affection for each other and their mom and dad.

I just love these warm colors, and even though most of the leaves had shed from the trees, there was still plenty of texture and color to take advantage of. We live in such a gorgeous little town, and it always makes me happy when local families want to stay close to home for their photo session.

A great family photo can be taken in nearly any location… fields and parks are great, but even a wonderful parking lot, graffiti, or the side of a neat old building can give your photos a unique look. As a photographer I love finding places close to my client’s homes for their sessions. It’s more personal, and it creates a fun memory for them each time they go back to that location.

Kasie & Hallie

A Twin Sister Senior Session

Hallie and Kasie are so much alike..duh, twins… but also so unique in personality and style. We chose Point Defiance park for their session, which worked out so well because it gave us a lot of diversity so that we could showcase their unique traits and style.

While this wasn’t my first twin session, it was my first twin session with same gender twins who look so much alike. I learned a lot. Keeping track of who was who, and which sister wore which outfit was key! It would have been easy to get confused… as you can see the girls have a very similar look at first glance!

We had perfect fall weather, and I couldn’t be happier with the great outfits that the girls chose for themselves. While I do offer, and recommend a wardrobe consultation for those who need it, it definitely wasn’t necessary for Kasie and Hallie. They totally rocked their dress choice, and their hair and make up were on point as well.

Here is another session where I incorporated one of my vintage quilts. This one was boldly colored and on the smaller size. perfect for one or two people to add some variety to seated poses, and to protect from the ground. Anytime I can use one of my ever growing collection of quilts it makes me a happy photographer!

These girls have one proud momma, and they totally should. Both girls were accepted into Central Washington University, and they’ll be heading off to college together as a team!

Thank you Hallie and Kasie for joining the ranks of Sashem Seniors…it was such a pleasure spending an afternoon with you!

Jen & Tim

Jen & Tim’s Awesome Autumn Wedding

Eatonville Washington

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen and Tim through one of my senior photography clients. Jen is her pseudo older sister, practically an adopted member of the family.  I couldn’t be happier to be entrusted to capture photos of this fantastic couple on their special day. One of the very best parts of my job is having the honor of developing relationships with my clients and to watch their families grow and change year after year.

Jen and Tim are both middle school teachers who have a passion for both modern and classic literature. They incorporated their love of books into their their Eatonville Washington wedding celebration and even into their vows in fun and creative ways.

There is something really cool and fresh about an Autumn wedding. Jen and Tim’s nod to their favorite holiday, Halloween, can be seen in several playful elements throughout their special day.  The handmade witches hats used as table centerpieces, the striped witches tights in various colors, and the abundant use of pumpkins all made for a whimsical and festive feeling during their October wedding.

The beautiful sage and rust color scheme was another gorgeous and welcome aspect of this amazing celebration.  Tim and his bride were definitely not ones to shy away from color and whimsy. Even though it started to sprinkle a little bit we persevered and pulled out some colorful rainbow umbrellas to capture their adorable couples portraits. Jen and Tim were so flexible and they decided to go with the flow, and not to worry about the things they couldn’t control like a few sprinkles, Nothing was going to ruin their day, especially not something like a little mist and rain. They are seriously one of the most fun couples you could ever hope to meet.

Speaking of fun -  or at least funny - this is the only wedding I’ve ever photographed where I got stung by a bee, on the butt!  Yep, that’s right folks. My plush posterior was even plumper when I disturbed a hornets nest under the front porch and one stung me right in the center of my butt cheek!

Despite a swollen rear end, and a little case of embarrassment Jen and Tim’s wedding went off without a hitch.  The worst of the rain held off for the day and other than a few sprinkles the couple and their guests stayed dry under a jumbo sized white tent, and then proceeded to dance to the night away in the family’s pool house turned dance floor.

This wedding is another perfect example of a backyard wedding done right.  Custom DIY elements and decor, beautiful seasonal florals, and a little flair mixed together with a little good luck in terms of the weather all added up to a spectacular Autumn wedding to remember.

Lilly at the Pumpkin Patch

Lilly is not the biggest fan of the camera… she’s two, what can I say?! That doesn’t mean that her momma and I don’t keep trying.

I love Autumn. I love pumpkin patches, and apple cider. I love the corn mazes, and carving pumpkins. I love the hay bales and the scarecrows. I just LOVE everything about about Autumn, and when a family is willing to meet me at the patch for some family fall fun I bring my camera for sure…. even if the two year old gives me the side eye the whole time.

Shelby & Spencer

A Commellini Estates Wedding

Shelby and Spencer have a fairytale love story.  They met in Middle School… yep, you heard me right, in Middle School! In fact we returned to their old stomping grounds for their sweet engagement photos, and we even included their energetic pups!

Commellini Estates, located in Spokane Washington was the ideal venue for their bold color pallet of gold, navy, and burgundy.  Everything was picture perfect - from the pond and fountain to the hanging lights. The weather even held out for them and even though it was a bit chilly it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

One of my favorite elements in Shelby and Spencer’s wedding were the love quotes.   Printed and mounted these various quotes were placed at each table, and near the cake.  They were reminders about what love truly means, and really helped create a fun centerpiece for each table.

Shelby was such a gorgeous bride.  Her amazing gown fit her perfectly.  It was feminine and classy, and highlighted her bold and colorful tattoos - which I just can’t get enough of! I also think Spencer pretty much reached Prince Charming level rocking that modern navy suit!

These two lovebirds rocked their romantic couples portraits and their wedding will go down in history as one of my favorites.  

The Galbraith Family

A Wright Park Family Session

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Galbraith family ever since Rachel was the maid of honor in the very first wedding I ever photographed. She, and her wonderful husband are the kind of genuine, warm, compassionate people that you can’t help but like. They are gentle souls… and as their family grew with two boys and a gorgeous little girl I ‘ve had the pleasure of seeing them once or twice a year to capture their family photos.

This year we met at Wright Park in Tacoma with their extended family, including Micah’s twin brother! While photographing the family I found out that Micha’s dad - the Senior Mr. Galbraith was the actor who played the original Aqua Velva Man! How amazing is that? I just think that’s so cool!

It was a great time getting to know Micha’s twin brother, and all of his sisters, their spouses and kids. This is one full, charismatic group - you just have to smile when you’re with them!

The fall color at Wright Park in October can’t be beat… it’s really gorgeous, and the mature trees and surrounding architecture make this one of my favorite locations to photograph families. There’s room to roam, and you can take advantage of the gorgeous conservatory as well as a charming metal gazebo, and a small pond area.

An Eatonville Family Session

Tricia and her family met me at the most amazing piece of property in Eatonville. A family friend of Tricia’s generously allowed us to use their acreage for her autumn family photography session. I love the vintage barn, and the warm colors in the outfits that Tricia expertly put together.

The tall grasses, warm autumn colors, vintage quilt and custom bench made this family session unique. I really love being able to incorporate my collection of vintage quilts in your family sessions. There is something homey and comforting about an heirloom quilt.

This bench was a gift from Tricia’s future son in law. The back of the bench is the tailgate of Tricia’s son’s Chevy truck. Sadly Tricia lost her son in an accident, and this incredibly meaningful gift was incorporated into her session to honor him.

Abby's Cake Smash

A Boho Floral Themed Cake Smash

I can’t believe Abby has turned one! Her momma contacted me with dreams of putting together a boho floral cake smash to celebrate this sweet girl’s first birthday. Pulling a few fun accessories from my stash, and adding to that a new princess net tent and some fun floral accents created the perfect bohemian floral backdrop for this cutie’s cask smash session.

We started in her lovely little dress - which matched the decor perfectly. Then it was time to get to that cake! She was hesitant at first, but pretty soon Abby was totally into it, and enjoying all the sweet, sticky goodness!

Cake smash sessions are kind of my favorite thing! I love putting together cute accessories, and getting to enjoy the babies in their adorable outfits. About half of the time babies aren’t too thrilled with the cake… it seems impossible, I know. But they don’t like the texture or taste perhaps, or they’ve just entered the “stranger danger” stage and they don’t want to have anything to do with me, or my scary camera…. but not Abby.

She was all smiles and it was so much fun getting to spend this evening with her and your family while we created these adorable images!