Mini Sessions

Landon's Fall Mini Session

Landon has been in front of my camera three tines now, and each time he’s been funnier and more lively. He’s a kid with a big heart and a big imagination. Just check out that amazing scarf! It’s so fun! And don’t even get me started on the epic dance moves! He tried his best to teach me how to Floss… it’s just not happening! I’ll just have to be envious of his skills in that department.

Another Eatonville local… woot woot, I just love photographing people from my home town!! Landon and his momma met me at my favorite little local kids fishing pond for a fast and fabulous mini session.

The only hard part about photographing Landon, is that I can’t choose which images I like the best! He’s kinda, sorta, awesome like that!

Fall Family Mini Sessions

Point Defiance Park, Tacoma Washington

Autumn is my favorite time of year. November is my birthday month - yay me! The weather is cooling off, and the leaves are changing. This is also the perfect time for family photos.  Right in time for holiday gift giving and creating Christmas cards, I feel like late October and early November are the perfect months for annual family photos.  We have a really short season here in Washington when the leaves are glorious shades of gold and yellow, but the rain and wind haven’t blown them all off the trees.  So when the weather is fair - it’s time to take advantage of it!

For this year we went to Point Defiance Park in Tacoma Washington.  This is a very popular destinations for sightseers and photographers alike.  And there’s good reason - it’s gorgeous there! The fall color was in full display, and everyone looked great.  While I’m always happy to provide a wardrobe consultation, this year none of the families needed it - their wardrobe game was on point!

We got very lucky, the weather was extremely mild, and there was no rain! Mini sessions are ideal for busy families. Kids have short attention spans, and you don’t have to dedicate a full day to a long portrait session. You’ll walk away with a nice assortment of images as well  - 7-10 typically, that you can use for your Christmas cards, wall art, gifts, and on your social media accounts.

Below are just a few of my favorite images from Autumn mini sessions!

Alaina & Fiona

A Cap & Gown Senior Mini Session

One of these beauties is my very own daughter. The other is a family friend. Fiona and Alaina, class of 2017, Eatonville High School. These girls both have big dreams and bigger goals. We got together for a quick little mini session when their caps and gowns arrived in the Spring. We are very lucky to have such a gorgeous school to use as backdrop. So many newer schools look like kiddie prisons - all cold concrete and steel beams. Our community has decided to preserve the original brick from the old school, and add on in a way that acknowledges the future while celebrating the beauty of the past.

I never had a chance to share these photos on the blog… and I thought, well - better late than never! I love how my talented girl painted the Starry Night on the top of her grad cap, and I wanted to make sure I captured a photo as a keepsake for her. I know I’m totally biased, but I think she’s not only beautiful but crazy talented as well!