Senior Session


Class of 2019

Destoni and I hit Wapato Park in Tacoma Washington this winter for her senior portrait session. She did a great job and she’s just as sweet and spunky as can be. Destoni’s mom, aunt, and even her best friend tagged along, and we had the greatest time - even though it was pretty freaking cold out! She was a good sport and we were able to get so many great shots.

Kasie & Hallie

A Twin Sister Senior Session

Hallie and Kasie are so much alike..duh, twins… but also so unique in personality and style. We chose Point Defiance park for their session, which worked out so well because it gave us a lot of diversity so that we could showcase their unique traits and style.

While this wasn’t my first twin session, it was my first twin session with same gender twins who look so much alike. I learned a lot. Keeping track of who was who, and which sister wore which outfit was key! It would have been easy to get confused… as you can see the girls have a very similar look at first glance!

We had perfect fall weather, and I couldn’t be happier with the great outfits that the girls chose for themselves. While I do offer, and recommend a wardrobe consultation for those who need it, it definitely wasn’t necessary for Kasie and Hallie. They totally rocked their dress choice, and their hair and make up were on point as well.

Here is another session where I incorporated one of my vintage quilts. This one was boldly colored and on the smaller size. perfect for one or two people to add some variety to seated poses, and to protect from the ground. Anytime I can use one of my ever growing collection of quilts it makes me a happy photographer!

These girls have one proud momma, and they totally should. Both girls were accepted into Central Washington University, and they’ll be heading off to college together as a team!

Thank you Hallie and Kasie for joining the ranks of Sashem Seniors…it was such a pleasure spending an afternoon with you!


Eatonville High School Senior Session

Cassidy is truly a ray of sunshine. Her smile is infectious, and beyond being beautiful, her personality and wit are warm and genuine. She makes everyone who spends time with her feel welcomed and valued. Next up for Cassidy is Whitworth University in Spokane Washington. As a member of their cheerleading squad - along side her older sister - Cassidy is excited to live on campus and explore all that this small, private University has to offer. this girl is SMART too… don’t you go thinking she’s just a pretty face. She’s going places fast, and she is unstoppable!

Cassidy’s family lives near a wonderful little lake, and we took advantage of the warm weather, and clear sunny day to take some casual senior portraits with and without her cap and gown. The soft rose color in her first outfit is beautiful against her olive complexion and dark hair. The classically feminine white dress she chose for her second outfit was great against the flowering bushes that were growing around the lake.

Cassidy was voted Prom Queen, and it’s not hard to see why! We made sure to get a couple keepsake shots of her in her sash and crown. It’s so important to memorialize those important moments in your seniors life - these things are a big deal and should be celebrated. Having a professional portrait taken is so much better than only having a few cell phone shots to look back on!

We finished up Cassidy’s session with a few images in her cap and gown. It’s hard to make a polyester sack look good, but some how Cassidy managed to make it work!


Highline High School, Senior Session

This girl has my heart! This is my very own niece. My oldest niece, the very first child that made me an Auntie…a role I really enjoy! We live about an hour and a half apart - so I don’t get to see her as much as I would like to, but the time we do get to spend together is always special. We got together at one of my favorite locations - The Des Moines Waterfront Marina and Park for a quick senior session.

Celeste is off to the University of Hawaii to study marine biology….so taking photos near the beach was a no brainer. We had fun - we always have fun together, and my older girls tagged along to give their cousin a little emotional support and a lot of teasing. Having her photos taken is not her favorite thing, but she was a good sport and let Auntie get a nice variety of shots to celebrate the ending of her high school career.

I just could not be any more proud of this girl than I am. Excellent grades, sweet disposition, hard working, family oriented, and she’s a kid with goals and good priorities. She’s kind of one of my favorite people!

Alaina & Fiona

A Cap & Gown Senior Mini Session

One of these beauties is my very own daughter. The other is a family friend. Fiona and Alaina, class of 2017, Eatonville High School. These girls both have big dreams and bigger goals. We got together for a quick little mini session when their caps and gowns arrived in the Spring. We are very lucky to have such a gorgeous school to use as backdrop. So many newer schools look like kiddie prisons - all cold concrete and steel beams. Our community has decided to preserve the original brick from the old school, and add on in a way that acknowledges the future while celebrating the beauty of the past.

I never had a chance to share these photos on the blog… and I thought, well - better late than never! I love how my talented girl painted the Starry Night on the top of her grad cap, and I wanted to make sure I captured a photo as a keepsake for her. I know I’m totally biased, but I think she’s not only beautiful but crazy talented as well!