This pacakage is perfect for capturing a day in the life of your family, or a specific adventure. Whether it be on the lake, in the mountains, or in your kitchen baking cookies with your family you’ll have a small album of images, and digital files to celebrate your unique family.

The photographs I’m most fond of from my own childhood are those that show our floral couch, and shag carpeting. My dad working on the car, and my family gathered around our Christmas tree. It’s that slice of time, frozen forever that is so meaningful to me, and I love giving that to my clients.

Your Luxe package includes up to 4 hours of in home or on location photography services and a small table top album of your favorites to keep forever, as well as digital files in an online gallery with printing rights.

$495 +tax



This package is the perfect size to help celebrate the fun moments that make your family unique. Family game night? Your annual Touch Football game? Making ornaments, or simply snuggling on your couch and reading stories . From decorating the Christmas tree to hanging out with your pets in the park this lifestyle package will show an in depth look at your family.

Your Classic package includes up to 2 hours of photography services in your home or on location as well as a gorgeous online gallery of images with full printing right.

$350 +Tax